About the Association

The Bangladesh Australia Association Canberra, Inc is an integral part of the Canberra multicultural community representing Canberrans of Bangladeshi origin. For more than two decades the Association has been a strong participant in Canberra’s multicultural life and has actively promoted cultural diversity and harmony in the Canberra community.

The Association’s yearly calendar of event includes celebrations of Bangladeshi national holidays as well as picnics, barbeques and other social gatherings. In addition to a regular schedule of events, the Association also sponsors the Bangla Language and Cultural School and Bangla Radio. 

The Association is a not for profit organisation funded mainly through yearly membership subscriptions and occasional grants from the ACT Government. Administrative responsibility for the Association is rotated amongst community members on a financial year basis.

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Receiving Association's emails

Association does not maintain any email list. Instead it uses an e-Group called 'Kobutor' to send official emails. All members and friends of the Association subscribe to 'Kobutor' to receive Association emails. Subscription to 'Kobutor' is free. 

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