Bangla Radio Canberra

Association's Bangla Radio

Radio 2XX - 98.3 FM, Every Monday 8.00 - 8.30 pm

The Bangla Radio Canberra operates under the umbrella of the Bangladesh Australia Association Canberra Inc. It produces a weekly program in Bangla containing news, features, interviews, songs, music and drama that is of interest to expatriate listeners.


To provide a voice to the Bangladeshi community in Canberra and to promote Bangla language and Bangladeshi culture through its program.


In 1999 a number of enthusiastic members of the Association decided to run a Bangla radio program for the Canberra community. With support from the host broadcaster Canberra's community radio 2xx and a grant from Community Broadcasting Foundation Ltd they began broadcasting the only Bangla radio program in Canberra. It immediately became very popular among the Canberra radio listeners. In 2004 with assistance from Association member Shahadat Manik, a popular web personality in Australia and his '', Bangla Radio got a place on the Internet. This has increased the listener base significantly as people can listen to the recorded program anytime from anywhere in the world. Today outside Canberra and Australia, people from over thirty countries around the globe listen to the Bangla Radio program regularly.